About mublo

What are those intriguing strips?

Mublo are original construction blocks, each with the same shape and size. Those flat strips come with rounded edges, which make them 100% safe for children. Each piece has four catches on one side and four holes on the other. With this shape, assembly and disassembly is very easy.
But what is most surprising is the fact that the blocks can be folded in half! With this unique feature, they can be used to build virtually anything.
The blocks are manufactured in Poland by a Polish toy manufacturer and are intended for 3 year + olds. However, you can be sure that they attract also much older children and even adults, captivated by the broad construction possibilities of these seemingly ordinary, yet unique pieces.

Colourful play for hours

Each Mublo set contains strips in six warm colours. The colours are friendly and universal – both girls and boys will like them. They attract attention and make block building an engaging and relaxing activity. The boxes contain lime, yellow, purple, amaranth, cyan and gray pieces.
We made sure that the colours are easy on the eyes and not overly stimulating. Our toy also helps children discover new shades and colours and we can guarantee that …

…with Mublo, learning is pure fun!

These unique blocks are excellent for curious kindergarten pupils, who are taking the first steps into the mysterious world of letters and numbers. The blocks can be used not only to build single letters or digits, but also whole words or mathematical operations. It is a well-known fact that the best (and most fun!) learning method for children is learning through free play.
School education does not need to be boring either! Colourful blocks will make language, mathematics or arts classes even more attractive.
We are sure that Mublo will serve as an excellent teaching aid for kindergarten teachers and school tutors and help them succeed in educating the youngest generation of students.

The perfect gift ide

Give your child lots of Christmas joy with Mublo set. It is a unique present that will put a smile on your child’s face, it is also a perfect gift for Easter or Children’s Day.
Are you looking for a school graduation award? Our blocks will not only make your child happy, but keep them preoccupied during summer vacation (and winter break) as well! Struggling to choose a gift for your childs’ friend? Our universal sets are an excellent idea for a gift when visiting friends.
With many variations available, you can present children with more Mublo sets to help them build even more amazing objects.

Discover the colourful world of Mublo blocks!